Colocation and Managed Colocation

Colocation Securing Your Mission Critical Data? Location And Experience Matter

Reliable, secure, cost effective and customer focused. Our Los Angeles data centers house the heart of the digital economy and offer world-class facilities for companies requiring high performance, highly interconnected network environments.

Choose from network solutions featuring connectivity to all major Los Angeles network hubs for lower latency, fewer hops and diversity with minimal points of failure. With core facilities located El Segundo,CA we offer highly flexible and scalable options for LA based colocation requirements and superior connectivity to 100+ Internet and telecom companies.

In addition to monitoring, maintaining and pro-actively improving our data centers, the NSP technical team is highly experienced in operating data center infrastructure and assisting on a variety of customer network tasks. Data center operation is a critical service that requires careful attention to detail, systematic processes and procedures to prevent downtime and interruptions to your network and data servers. Trust an operator with a proven track record that can deliver results you can count on based on experience that matters.

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide reliable, redundant power and cooling systems, physical security and fire suppression and are supported by our on-site 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC).

  • Colocation Locations: Multiple Los Angeles locations are available to meet your needs. Learn more about our locations.
  • Colocation Features: NSP maintains state-of-the-art data centers.

We also offer a wide range of flexible, affordable and industry standard colocation services to meet all of your needs.

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Colocation Services

NSP’s colocation services include the provisioning of rack space, power, Interconnections, Direct Internet Access and technical support services. All services are provisioned in NSP data centers by NSP personnel or qualified contractors supervised by NSP technicians.

Equipment space is available in a variety of types and sizes. Most requirements are satisfied with industry standard lockable 19”, 42u data cabinets. We use best of breed perforated cabinet doors (front and back) to allow for maximum air flow. In addition, customized cages and private suites can be made available based on specific needs ranging from 30 square feet up to 500 square feet. Smaller space requests can also be accommodated with quarter and half rack packages combined with minimal power and bandwidth requirements.

NSP provides both AC and DC power in the form of 120v, 208v and -48v configurations at various amperage levels. Primary and redundant power receptacles are available and priced separately. All power is sold at the breaker level and protected by both UPS and generator back-up systems. Specific amperage allocations vary with pricing and quantity of racks leased. Upon request and subject to charges, Nsp can provide rack mount PDUs (Powder Distribution Units) for customer racks.

Access to over 300 carriers and enterprise companies within the most densely populated fiber-optic network in Los Angeles is available through NSP’s Interconnection services. NSP delivers these services as cross-connects that can be provisioned over dark fiber, Ethernet, copper T1 and DS3 connections. Cross-connect services are offered at all NSP data centers, can be ordered at any time and typically provisioned within two to three days depending on third party involvement. Routing cross-connects through NSP’s efficient Interconnection network minimizes points of failure, reduces latency and lowers network connection costs.

DIA services are offered as a blended broadband solution to data center customers that require a range of internet access from as little as 1 megabit for out of band (OOB) network service to 100 megs and all the way up to 10 gig requirements. These services are managed and operated by NSP staff and distributed over NSP’s Fiber Hub to your network equipment.

NSP’s technical support team is available 24×7 by contacting the NOC directly by phone or e-mail with specific requests. Standard remote hands requests such as reboots and cable/card swaps that require less than 20 minutes to administer are provided at no charge. The NSP team can provide full support services including rack and stack, power and cable installations, memory upgrades, power swaps and circuit testing and turn up. Remote IPKVM services are also available so that customers can remotely manage and troubleshoot network server issues as needed. The NSP NOC can also receive, store and ship customer equipment for your convenience.

NSP Los Angles Optimized Data Center

our speed-to-market facility provides tenants with autonomous data suites that are fully separated by slab-to-deck fire-rated walls for highly secure data center operations.

The facility offers:

  • Tier III-plus MEP design
  • Seismically enhanced to 1.5 importance factor
  • N+1 and 2N MEP Configurations available
  • 15,489 square feet under roof
  • Critical IT load of 15.9 MW
  • Densities of 130 w/square feet – 200 w/square feet
  • 100% of back-of-house infrastructure operations and maintenance
  • Indirect evaporative cooling for low PUE
  • Dedicated, onsite power substation

NSP Atlanta Optimized– Server-ready Data Center

Atlanta is a purpose-built, server-ready data center offering concurrently maintainable infrastructure to support companies with various data suite sizes and density requirements from 10 racks to over 2,500

All of the privacy and security of your own data center, without the cost.NSP Atlanta provides its tenants with autonomous data suites that are fully separated by slab-to-deck fire-rated walls, ensuring the utmost in secure data center operations.

Some important design features include:

  • Tier III-plus MEP design
  • N+1 and 2N MEP configurations available
  • Critical IT load of 6,000 kW (expandable to 7,500 kW)
  • Redundant power feeds
  • Significant tax incentives
  • Densities of 120 w/square feet – 200 w/square feet
  • 100% of back-of-house infrastructure operations and maintenance provided by NSP

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