• Any website can give you prices.
  • Any website can you give you vendor information.
  • Every sales rep is going to give you the best price and service.

But Can They Really Prove It?

Network Solutions provider is a Vendor Neutral Telecommunications and Technology Service Provider. We have taken the quote and sales process a Step further. We have rated each vendor based on their Price, Service Delivery and Support.

The Internet is not equal in all areas. Each customer has to look at what is best for them and where they are located. Network Solutions Providers will give you the 3 best vendors in your area. Graded on what is most important to you.

Looking for high-speed Internet connectivity for your business that will stay up and does not break your budget. We have all the information you need for for dedicated Ethernet.

Best Quotes: NSP provides single source pricing, product information and consultation for telecommunication equipment and Internet services. We pride ourselves on being a Vendor Neutral Telecommunications (VNTSP) and Internet Service Provider (VNTSP). NSP is the revolutionary way to purchase telecommunications and Internet services. Our methodology and core focus is saving you time and money. We partner only with the best ISP and TSP providers in the industry enabling us to provide you with service specific to your needs. Our goal is to provide you with the best quote, based on your service needs for Ethernet services.

Better Information: Not just numbers and company logos on paper. A service specialist will be assigned to your account to provide you with customer support and accurate comparisons. You will now have the "peace of mind" that someone is addressing and resolving all of your service issues to your satisfaction.

Unbeatable Results: The best results come from our ability to custom match our client with the vendor that best supports their needs. 100% satisfaction is key. NSP has 3 categories to which our vendors are rated: Price, Service and Support. Our IT professionals at NSP are highly trained and experienced with the ability to assist you in finding the right solution, no matter the size or scope of your project. Our NSP professionals are dedicated to providing you with the right solution, the best price and a service provider you can trust.

NSP has cultivated relationships with the leading national providers in the industry. Our valued partnerships combined with our large volume of business allows us to deliver the guaranteed lowest price services in the country. This is our price promise. NSP is here to provide you with the best level of customer support throughout your entire experience, our staff of professional consultants are available to answer your questions and address your concerns you may have from the ordering process through installation.

We make it easy to find Ethernet Internet access and Private Line solutions for your business. Check for service availability and compare options from leading service providers with our free service.

Network Solutions Providers will help you find fully managed network services developed specifically address the rapidly evolving network performance requirements of both medium businesses and large enterprise organizations. Installs, provisions, monitors. Network Solutions Provider will help you find a company that will manage and take full responsibility for the customer premise equipment (CPE) at your site.

Make your WAN connections look and feel as fast as your LAN.

You've invested in your internal network and have an sizzling-fast gigabit Ethernet that services your clients perfectly. But when your secondary office connects to your servers, they still feel the pain and slowness of your maxed-out WAN connectivity. Don't let your WAN become a bottleneck for your business. Remote offices, colocated servers, or even the Internet CAN match the high-speed performance levels you've come to expect on your local network. Gigaman service puts your organization in the fast lane, creating gigabit connections across town, county or state so that business never slows down.

What Ethernet Service?

Gigaman service is a fiber-optic, point-to-point gigabit Ethernet service that links together two networks that are physically located within the same metropolitan area or general region. By plugging directly into a gigabit Ethernet switch on your network, the Gigaman allows you to take advantage of your existing network to send data to remote networks using your native Ethernet protocol. It transmits data at speeds of up to 1.2 gigabits per second, which is 26 times faster than a VOIP!

How does Gigaman work?

Gigaman service connects a fiber repeater (our network endpoint) to your gigabit Ethernet switch using single-mode fiber. In between our endpoints, will create a fiber-optic, gigabit connection that can usually be spanned up to 180 miles. The fiber termination equipment at either end must be located at the demarcation point, and will require some space within your facilities. At install time, one of our technical representatives will guide you through the process of designing and installing your Gigaman, and the equipment needed to support it.

How NSP Works
  1. Enter your requirements.
  2. Spend time with an NSP specialist doing a complete needs analysis.
  3. Receive quotes from top vendors based upon your needs.
  4. Make a confident decision on who will be your next provider.