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Bricks and mortar retail businesses are facing more competition than ever before thanks to the meteoric rise of online shopping. It is now even more crucial that you evolve to meet your customers’ changing needs, and to do that you need software, applications and systems that allow you to offer superior customer service while helping you implement procedures, training programs, and solutions for forecasting and inventory control.

As a retailer your system needs to be able to accommodate different hardware and software that lets you handle payments, predict and record sales, accurately price goods, and communicate with customers, staff and other branches - all while staying PCI compliant. That's where Network Solutions Provider comes in.

In a retail environment your customers expect not only to find the goods or services they are looking for, but to undergo an experience that is made more enjoyable by great service, convenience, and the fact that they have left your store with the product they wanted. Fail to meet these requirements and you will lose customers - and revenue.

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Network Solutions Provider specialize in technology solutions for retailers that cover the following elements:

  • In store shopping
  • Online sales
  • POS systems
  • Cost and budgets
  • Data storage
  • Backup systems
  • Servers, tape drives, redundancy, and like components
  • Back office environment and equipment
  • Software applications
  • Spam and virus solutions
  • PCI compliance

Network Solutions Provider also offer support and maintenance for our retailer IT solutions. Let us design and manage a system that helps you run your store more efficiently while consistently delighting customers and securing return visits.

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