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Your office telephone system defines how your company communicates which influences every aspect of your business. Selecting a reliable and cost-effective office telephone system takes time and money.

We’ve Done the Work for You! Our NSP phone specialists will give you detailed research and comparison data on top vendors who provide complete business telephone system packages for large, medium, or small businesses.

  • Specific office phone system feature requirements necessary for your business
  • business telephone solution providers that best meet your requirements and budget targets
  • Avoid common business telephone system implementation pitfalls

Why do companies trust their PHONE SYSTEM and hardware choices to NSP? Our business relies on the knowing and understanding of the telecommunications. We understand how important it is that you have a PHONE SYSTEM that works, so we dedicate ourselves to helping you choose a PHONE SYSTEM provider that is the very best at:

  • Installation, set-up, and good delivery time.
  • Maintaining and monitoring your connections.
  • And taking your call and giving you answers if anything happens.

Best Quotes: NSP will give you 5 PHONE SYSTEM Providers in your area, rated on Price, Support and Service. A service professional will take the time and help you choose what deal is going to be best for your company PHONE SYSTEM needs.

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A business phone system is the key to any company's ability to communicate with the outside world. Purchasing business phones is a decision that must be taken very seriously; mistakes can be very costly in terms of actual and company performance. Almost all simple business phone systems provide basic features such as voicemail and speakerphone. We understand all that at NSP and have spent the time asking all the right questions to give you the best information.

Basic telephone systems may be appropriate for small offices with less than 10 employees. A vendor can offer up phone quotes for your system of choice with additional features that can help your business: automated attendant, on-hold messaging, conferencing calling, automatic call distribution, and computer telephony integration.

For bigger offices and call centers, powerful multi-line phone solutions like Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems provide several features for your business. You can also program PBX systems for different implementations and the technology can expand as your company grows.

When you are working with a Phone system provider will make sure you get a phone quote that takes your current and future capacity needs into consideration. PBX systems, for example, are expandable phone systems that can fit your needs as your company grows. It's always better to buy a solution that can be seamlessly expanded rather a small system that will require a newer larger system over time.

Other Phone System Technology:

As you shop for a business phone system, you may come across several different words and phrases that may not seem familiar. Among these terms:

Business phone systems (also called "small business phone systems", "commercial phone systems", "corporate phone systems", "office phone systems", "biz phone", "biz phones", "digital phone systems")

Expandable phone systems: Phone systems that allow you to build upon your current system as your business grows.

Key systems: Phone system for businesses with 5 to 40 employees that provides features not available on standard phones.

KSU-less systems: Phone system for businesses with 10 employees or fewer that provides many enhanced features but is contained in-house rather than connected to a central control unit.

Multi-line phone systems: Provides as many lines and extensions you need along with many standard features depending on your business needs.

SOHO phone systems: Small Office/Home Office solutions that can be used with standard rotary or touch tone telephones.

VoIP phone systems: Voice over Internet Protocol systems send regular voice calls over a computer network instead of traditional phone lines. This technology includes many of the standard features of multi-line phone systems.

Points to Consider:

  • Are you replacing your current phone system or purchasing an office phone system for a brand new location?
  • How many lines or trunks do you need for your system?
  • How many extensions do you need the system to handle?
  • Do you need your phone system to integrate with any existing systems?
  • Is a VoIP phone system right for your needs?
  • Do you need a maintenance contract for your small business phone system?
  • Which of these phone system features do you need: automated attendant, call routing, music on hold, computer telephony integration, voicemail, headsets, conferencing equipment?
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