All-in-One Container Data Center

To ease customers’ pressure in data center investment such as site acquisition, energy saving, phased investment, and flexible expansion, Network Solutions Provider has launched All-in-one
type container data center solution. As a new generation data center solution, it meets all requirements of traditional data center, and then it shows some unique advantages which could not be found in traditional solutions, such as outdoor deployment and high mobility.

With features like minimized site requirement, low infrastructure requirement, superior high-density power and high-efficiency energy, the All-in-one solution decreases CAPEX and OPEX significantly. The solution also provides cutting-edge capabilities for rapidly launching in disaster rescue, military, petroleum, and exploration projects, etc.

A highly-integrated, small-capacity container data center solution for small and medium enterprises, as well as special mobile scenarios. The Mobile Data center integrates all systems in a standard 20-foot or 40-foot container, including power supply and distribution, cooling, IT cabinets, cabling, fire extinguishing, surge protection, and monitoring. It features high reliability and security, fast deployment, easy relocation, energy savings and cost-effectiveness. It can significantly reduce customer TCO and improve ROI. The 20-foot center and 40-foot Center are two standard products of the Optimized Mobile Data Center.



  • Build your data center in just one week
  • One-stop delivery shortens deployment time by 80%
  • Green energy saves 30% of the TCO
  • High environmental adaptability ensures business continuity

Customer Values

One-stop solution
Container = IDC, the All-in-one type container data center solution incorporates all facilities required by an IDC, and can be used immediately after being powered on.

Flexible expansion
Multiple containers stack expansion and cluster expansion are available, and on-demand deployment is possible.

Standard modular design, flexible expansion and low-cost installation help saving CAPEX; high efficiency cooling system, hot aisle containment makes OPEX decreased.

Capex compare Opex compare
Traditional data center Container data center Traditional data center Container data center



Fast deployment
Ten-week manufacturing and one-week installation, all equipments are pre-installed in factory before delivery, making onsite installation unbelievably easy.

High reliability and integration
N+1 redundant power supply system and N+1 cooling system are designed, and maximum power consumption per container is 60kW with 7.5kW per rack.


IT Operator

Customer Requirements & Challenges

  • Conventional DC construction period is too long, customer hope the data center can be put into use within the year
  • Public security is not stable, need special protection Network Solutions Provider Solution
  • Provide All-in-one container DC
  • On-site installation service
  • Filed construction advanced, ensure fast deployment Benefits for Customer
  • Business deployed very fast, in response to IT service requirement.
  • Save space, and allow future expansion step by step, meet increasing business demand.

Customer Requirements & Challenges

  • Fast deployment to build the e-education DC
  • Energy saving ,meet international standard
  • Non-stop operation, stable power supply

Network Solution Provider solution

  • Chilled water, 3 container standard solution
  • Using UPS, Oil generator to keep power supply stable

Benefits for Customer

  • Fast deployment, time saving
  • No need to build a new house, save CAPEX
  • PUE lower than 1.6, save OPEX
  • Efficient power solution to solve unstable power problem in local area