eLTE Broadband Access Solution

eLTE Solves Key Challenges: Quick Deployment, Accessible Wireless Private Network Anytime, Anywhere

Based on the most-advanced LTE technology, the Network Solutions Provider eLTE Broadband Access Solution provides broadband access services on a single network. Services include:

  • Mobile office
  • Remote data acquisition
  • VoIP
  • Video surveillance
  • Applicability to wireless Internet service providers, smart city builders, education, and smart grid operators

Network Solutions Provider’s advanced technology and wide range of products are the perfect choice for your broadband access needs.

Traditional access systems often suffer from many problems:

  • Maintenance inefficiency
  • Higher equipment and maintenance costs
  • Difficulty deploying systems to areas where wired connections are not practical

Network Solutions Provider’s world-class technology effectively addresses these problems and gives customers the 21st-century broadband access they need.

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The Network Solutions Provider eLTE Broadband Access Solution provides:

  • Downlink throughput of 100 Mbit/s and uplink throughput of 50 Mbit/s
  • Fast private network deployment for wireless Internet service providers
  • Easy broadband access where Internet access is limited, such as rural areas, shopping malls, and hospitals

The Network Solutions Provider solution gives customers an unparalleled wireless platform for Smart City video surveillance and data acquisition, ubiquitous Internet surfing, and easier transitions to Smart Grids.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Network Solutions Provider

  • High Performance - Handles voice, HD video, and broadband data
  • Flexibility - Multiple frequencies and compatible with many devices for fast deployment and easy maintenance
  • Reliability - Redundancy mechanisms that increase reliability up to 99.999%

Network Solutions Provider eLTE solution for Education Market

Background –

The Changing Landscape of The Education Market

The education industry, whether that be K-12 or university level, is going through a fundamental transformation to simultaneously support high quality instruction, communication and security for students, teachers and administrators. The industry is moving quickly from a static, classroom- only world to a mobile, geographically-dispersed model adopting new, exciting ways of teaching and learning (for example e-learning and MOOCs). Effective networking access can help achieve educational goals as well as provide a competitive advantage for schools seeking to attract top students and faculty. A broadband wireless network is an exceptionally cost-effective solution and is faster, easier and less costly to deploy and maintain than wired solutions. The latter is especially critical in the era of reduced school budgets and smaller IT staffs.

The Solution-eLTE

LTE, the most advanced wireless technology, embodies the optimum networking solution available. NSP’ eLTE solution directly addresses the education industry’s key requirements by providing high-speed, secure, reliable network connectivity in classrooms, administration offices and across other dispersed indoor/outdoor venues. What’s more, it is an ideal tool for engineering communications students and teachers to do further studies in LTE.

Application Scenarios Summary

Based on advanced 4G LTE technology, NSP’s eLTE solution is well suited to the education market. It serves university and K-12 school district teachers and students in the following two key application scenarios:

Wireless Broadband coverage for the campus or School District

Building an advanced future proof infrastructure for communications Mobile office support and intranet
data sharing

  • Campus and school bus real time video surveillance
  • E-Learning and Q&A online
  • Real world test bed for researches and courses in Communications Engineering major
  • Telecommunication teaching tools based on LTE Technology Lab research on LTE Technology
  • Application development based on LTE network

By improving campus and school district wireless network coverage, NSP eLTE can increase work efficiency, safety and the overall teacher / student educational experience.

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Scenario 1: Network Solutions Provider eLTE Solution for K-12 and Universities

Wireless Broadband Access Components

NSPs eLTE network provides both LTE and Wi-Fi access so students, faculty and staff can enjoy high-speed networking, surf the internet and exchange ideas anytime and anywhere, even in moving vehicles. This greatly improves communication efficiency and enriches school life.

Thanks to the ultra broad bandwidth of the eLTE solution, with downlink data rates up to 100Mbit/s and uplink rates up to 50Mbit/s, video surveillance and other applications can significantly enhance campus, school and bus route security.

In summary, based on the most advanced broadband wireless technology, eLTE is able to provide flexible services to the needs of the educational institutes.


Proven High Performance: supports up to 40 Gbit/s throughput for 200,000 subscribers.
Highly Integrated: integrates Mobility Management Entity (MME), Serving Gateway (SGW), Packet Data Network Gateway (PGW), and Home Subscriber Server (HSS) functions into one 14U-high sub rack; enabling minimal integration efforts in network deployment, reduced risk, and faster time-to-market.

Network Management using a PC Server: Network management software can be installed on a common personal computer (PC) server, resulting in low cost and easy maintenance.

Remote Management of Terminals: Supports remote monitoring, managing, and updating of CPEs, which reduces the required number of management personnel.

Supports VLANs: If the layer 3 VLAN (virtual local area network) has been established, it is recommended that sub interfaces be configured and bound with the VLAN to separate different users and services. This increases the number of sub interfaces to support more VLANs and control traffic in the network, reducing costs, simplifying network management, and improving network security and reliability.

Supports VRF: This feature separates VPN routes from public network routes and separates routes of different VPNs, which improves data transmission security.

Uplink-Downlink Configuration Type 0: This Uplink- downlink configuration type can increase the uplink throughput of UEs and cells in networks that have high uplink capacity requirements.

Multiple Carriers: If multiple 20 MHz carriers are used in one sector, loads can be balanced among the carriers. This feature satisfies the bandwidth requirements in areas where a large number of IP cameras are used and consequently the video surveillance traffic is heavy.

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