Applications and Software Soar on High-performance Servers

NSP provides a broad range of high-performance servers and components for data centers and campus networks, powered by the latest multi-core Intel® Xeon® processor technology.

Dynamic energy-saving features and power management reduce power consumption, making cooling more efficient, allowing higher densities and more capacity at less cost. Support for FusionSphere virtualization simplifies management for rapid provisioning and low TCO.

FusionCube Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

FusionCube is a hyper-converged infrastructure, which consists of computing, storage, network, virtualization, and management systems.

High performance, low latency, fast deployment, and built-in distributed storage.

Database support: Oracle, DB2, Sybase IQ, SQL Server, and SAP HANA.

Virtualization support: FusionSphere, VMware, and KVM.

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Highly Converged Platform

FusionCube uses an innovative hardware platform composed of flexible slots for compute/storage blades and GE/10GE/FC switching modules. The compute and storage resource can be configured to adapt to various workloads. A single 12U chassis supports 32 CPUs and 12 TB of memory, making it especially suitable for situations requiring high compute density and virtualization. Converged storage and SSD cache accelerate application and database performance.

Elastic Cloud Platform

The FusionSphere cloud platform virtualizes and schedules computing, storage and network resource and provides IaaS services such as elastic computing, load balancing and virtual private cloud.

The unified management system allows access to everything in FusionCube, from switch to VM, from storage volumes to applications, from provisioning to automation and security.

The scale of FusionCube systems that can be managed by the cloud platform range from a single box up to a complete data center. The management system also supports auto- discovery, so expanding the cloud is as simple as plugging in a new cube. Simple, but powerful.

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Accelerated Storage Engine

The cluster scale-out storage engine provides storage virtualization of three-tier (Memory-SSD-DAS) storage and eliminates the vulnerable RAID controller while providing high availability and scalability.

The data is striped and stored across all (hundreds or thousands of) disks in FusionCube, increasing both the utilization of the disks’ storage and I/O performance for different applications. The storage engine delivers 3X-5X higher peak time IOPS to applications with same number of disks, improving performance 100%-300%. Utilizing advanced features such as thin provisioning do not reduce performance. On- demand scale-out cluster architecture enables you to handle new virtualization needs without re-planning or re-architecting


  • Pre-integrated compute, storage and network
  • Pre-validated infrastructure, virtualization and management • Unified physical and virtual resource management
  • Auto-discovery and auto-configuration


  • Reduce deployment time from months to days
  • Flexible compute/storage configuration
  • Linear scalability, quick expansion on demand


  • Unified management, automation and one-click deployment reduce OPEX by 30%
  • Hardware-software synergy to achieve application optimization
  • Improve storage I/O performance by 3-5 times
  • Improve network performance by 3 times

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