Optimized WAN Solution

To deal with the higher demands of cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), the optimized WAN Solution. This solution enables WANs to be more intelligent and efficient for three similar purposes:

  • Cloud WAN: Integrated data transmission networks connecting to enterprises.
  • Cloud interconnection: Networks connecting data centers.
  • Industrial interconnection: Converged networks for enterprises in sectors such as electricity generation and transportation.

Meeting today’s networking needs requires significant upgrades to traditional communications and IT networks.

The optimized WAN Solution helps enterprises meet these needs with a future-oriented network architecture featuring Software-Defined Networking (SDN), thorough virtualization, and IP + optical technologies.

optimized’s Agile WAN Solution enables enterprises to dramatically improve the efficiency of WAN bandwidth use, which is otherwise at 20% to 30% for traditional WANs. Upgrades to WANs need to simplify Operation and Maintenance (O&M) as well as improve efficiency. The service deployment process must be streamlined to meet the fast provisioning requirements of cloud computing.

Using SDN, virtualization, IP + optical technologies, optimized WAN Solution improves overall WAN efficiency, speeds up service deployment, and reduces TCO. The solution is based on three agile concepts: agile services, agile evolution, and agile O&M.

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Optimized Services

Using vertical and horizontal virtualization technologies and unified scheduling by the optimized Controller, optimized Agile WAN Solution eliminates boundaries between IP and optical networks and allows enterprises to perform operations in the virtual logical topology. optimized service technology also provides one-click service deployment, meeting the need for rapid cloud provisioning.

The optimized Controller calculates routes on the entire network based on global routing information. This route calculation method replaces the traditional single-node-based calculation to significantly improve network utilization. Enterprises can use this technology to reduce bandwidth-leasing costs dramatically.

With extensive experience in telecommunications carrier networking, developed an IP + optical network synergy solution that provides enterprises with three levels of reliability: network level, NE level, and component level.

Optimized Evolution

Using an SDN architecture, optimized WAN Solution provides enterprises with open software for fast and efficient enterprise service deployment.

As needed, NSP can provide interfaces ranging from 2 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s; a MAN for a city; and a global network across continents. optimized WAN Solution supports sustainable development of enterprise services for the next 10 years.

Agile O&M

NSP provides innovative network quality awareness technologies, such as IP FPM, to change the traditional black-box network into a visible agile WAN.

In addition, NSP’s end-to-end O&M platform can uniformly manage and maintain devices across the optical and IP layers, provide network assessment for the entire network, and predict network capacity using built-in intelligent software.

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