Optimized Business Solution

Core Infrastructure Optimization is a proven framework for evolving your IT infrastructure to become more agile, secure, and better-managed, while reducing overall IT costs and making better use of resources. The bottom line—IT becomes a stronger strategic asset to the business.

Core Infrastructure Optimization addresses capabilities across many critical aspects of IT.

Identity and Access Management

Build better ways to manage the identities of people and assets. Implement solutions that help manage and protect identity data (synchronization, password management, and user provisioning to mention a few), and better manage access to resources from corporate mobile users, customers, and partners outside of a firewall.

Desktop Device & Server Management

Improve how your company manages desktops, mobile devices, and servers, as well as deploying patches, operating systems, and applications across the network. Also, get guidance on how you can take advantage of virtualization and branch office technologies to lower costs and improve agility.

Security & Networking

Implement ways to help guarantee that information and communication are protected from unauthorized access. Learn about ways to protect your IT infrastructure from denial attacks and viruses, while preserving access to corporate resources.

Data Protection & Recovery

Implement backup, storage, and restore processes that protect information and provide cost-effective and time-efficient recovery when required.

IT & Security Process

Get best-practice guidance on how to cost-effectively design, develop, operate, and support solutions, while achieving high reliability, availability, and security. While you need rock-solid technology to meet your company’s demands, technology alone is not enough. Excellence in processes and people—skills, roles, and responsibilities—is just as important for an optimized infrastructure.

Save More, Get More with the optimized business Solution.

The Optimized Business brings 17 of the latest Network Solutions Provider products to provide your people with the newest innovations in compliance, real-time collaboration, security, communication, desktop management, and more. The Optimized Business provides an outstanding opportunity for customers to use their existing investments and core platform. The Optimized Business provides a significant cost savings compared to the purchasing of individual products and solutions. Customers considering investments in just two of the products will find that the economic value of the Optimized Business becomes compelling.

Key Benefits


  • Granting your organization the rights to use an array of industry-leading innovations in collaboration, security, compliance, and communication.
  • Extending the value of your organization's current investments in your business with products and services that integrate into your existing infrastructure platform.
  • Giving your organization the flexibility to deploy multiple Network Solutions Provider products in your enterprise as your business needs require without waiting to negotiate new agreements.

Simplified Purchasing

  • Eliminating the hassle associated with negotiating multiple agreements with multiple vendors for different technologies.
  • Consolidating your relationship with Network Solutions Provider within a single solution covering the rights to use many Technology enabled technologies.

Increased Value

  • Providing industry-leading capabilities at cost-effective pricing points.
  • Packaging cutting-edge Network Solutions Provider technologies together at lower prices than individual products purchases.
  • Consolidating the costs of integrating, deploying, and managing disparate product lines by adopting the Network Solutions Provider of integrated solutions.

Completing this online self assessment tool will show your organization simple steps on how to optimize your infrastructure investments resulting in lower total cost of ownership, improve security and reliability and increase business agility.

Once you complete the online tool, you will receive a customized detailed report which can serve as a roadmap in how to optimize your organizations infrastructure in the areas of Identity and Access, Desktop, Device and Server Management, Security & Networking, Data Protection and IT Process.

Complete the 9-question self assessment and receive:

  • Customized optimization self assessment report
  • Detailed peer comparison
  • Details on how to advance to a Dynamic IT infrastructure

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