Cloud Optimized Phone System

The New Cloud Optimized Phone System

Why Your Business Needs Unified Commutations Vs Voip.

Cloud Optimized Phone System Los Angeles, Long Beach, El Segundo

In today’s work environment, communications are continually converging, ever since the advent of Unified Communications. Workers, whether they are using a desktop computer or mobile device, can now see a colleagues’ status and how best to contact them, place calls through their network, check and send messages, be reached through a single number, access both their personal and corporate directories plus much more. The next logical step is integrating a person’s mobile device with their desktop phone.

When looking to Optimize your phone system, you will hear first about VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This technology replaces the traditional telephone network connections by using the Internet to route calls. Then you'll hear about Unified Communications, which is a group of advanced technologies wrapped into a cost savings solutions. VoIP means one thing reduced cost with redundant technologies , but UC means a variety of optimized solutions.

VoIP moves the technology to make and receive telephone calls from a private telephone carrier to the Internet. Phone connections inside the building run over the same network as your computers rather than the separate network like they used in the old days. Using data networking protocols to move from the phone on your desk across the Internet to the phone on someone else's desk lowers cost, adds speed, and makes your telephone system more manageable.

With a VoIP telephone system, you have all you need to make and receive calls. However, communication with coworkers and customers includes far more than just voice conversations. And that's when you need Unified Communications, often called UC as a shortcut.

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Common UC Features Include:

  • Integrated voice mail (1 voice mail box, vs 3, Desktop VM, cell phone, VM, and Email).
  • Instant messaging (chat)
  • SMS (phone texting)
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Presence information
  • Video conferencing
  • Call control, from basic up to call centers

At a Glance

  • Integrates desktop telephone with Bluetooth-enabled Smartphones and tablets
  • Enables users to receive and answer calls through either their direct or cellular number
  • Provides access to existing Unified Communications (UC) applications
  • Offers users the convenience of using a regular handset while talking through either their Smartphone or tablet
  • Provides a desktop solution that is always current – alleviates obsolescence
  • Enables vertical industries to tailor applications to fit their individual needs
Optimized Desktop Terminal Los Angeles, Long Beach, El Segundo

Network Solutions Provider Optmized Desktop Terminal allows you to provide your employees with a high-end desktop telephone with all of the UC features and functionality
that are available to them through their Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone or tablet. It eliminates the expensive cost of a high-end touch-screen telephone and enables you to gain more utilization and value from the Smartphone or tablet that your workers are currently using. Simply slide the Smartphone or tablet of your choice onto the Tablet phone, push the pairing button and you are ready to go.

Network Solutions Provider has taken the next logical step by developing a desktop telephone that allows you to dock your existing Smartphone or tablet. This integration enables you to take advantage of all the features and functionality of your mobile device and offers you the convenience of using a desktop telephone. Optimized Business Desktop Terminal enables you to:

  • Receive or answer calls through either your direct or cellular number using either the handset or speakerphone
  • Place calls through your network which results in a reduction of cellular minutes used
  • Access your existing UC applications -Chat, Presence, Share documents,
  • Gain more utilization and value from the mobile device that you are currently budgeting for and using
  • Customize applications to fit your specific vertical industry needs
  • Charge your Smartphone device via a USB connection
  • Avoid obsolescence – when your Smartphone or tablet is upgraded to a newer model, so is your desktop terminal

Potential Uses

The Optimized Desktop Terminal can be used in a wide-range of environments and industries. Its versatility along with your ability to run your own customized applications makes this an invaluable tool. Here are a few examples:

  • Doctor’s Office – provide patients with self check-in capability to streamline processes – freeing staff to focus on more important tasks.
  • Hotels – enable guests to dock their own Smartphones or tablets to provide them with a convenient handset to use or provide them with a tablet that is programmed with information on amenities and surrounding attractions that they can use during their stay.
  • Conference Rooms – add a optimized Desktop Terminal to a conference room; employees just need to dock their existing Smartphone or tablet to have access to all of their contacts and conferencing features.
  • Visitor’s Cube – place the optimized Desktop Terminal in a visitor or guest cube to allow them to easily use their Smartphones or tablets to place calls and take care of business.
  • Mobile Workers – for employees that are constantly on the move between different departments or office locations, the optimized Desktop Terminal enables them to work from any location – effortlessly.
  • Office Building Lobby – place the optimized Desktop Terminal with a tablet in the lobby to allow visitors to easily access corporate directories, call the person that they are there to meet with and access any other company information that you want to provide.
Optimized Desktop Terminal Los Angeles, Long Beach, El Segundo


  1. Typically a suite of applications can provide the building blocks that will support your business - growing with it and changing with you and with the times.
  2. You can install and deploy the applications at a pace that suits your business and your budget.
  3. A similar ‘look and feel’ for all applications builds user confidence.
  4. Often a general configuration in one application will be applied throughout the suite, for example, a security setting for access to information.
  5. With integration and interoperability comes combined power for additional productivity benefits and management information.

In today’s highly competitive markets the effective use of technology can deliver competitive advantage – get it wrong and it could be expensive in more ways than one.

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