Visual Emergency Solution

The Network Solutions Provider Visual Emergency Solution uses the latest video communication technologies to provide:

  • Visual emergency decision-making by presenting on-scene information in real time
  • Command and dispatch functions
  • Unified resource management

Emergency responses are complex events that require quick decisions and lots of collaboration between teams. This solution brings together the right tools to get the job done.


Traditional emergency command systems have their challenges:

  • Audio-only communication does not give a full picture of an emergency, so decision-making is more difficult and possibly less accurate
  • Old-style systems make it impossible to share video between video conferencing and surveillance systems
  • Different emergency operations centers get different Points of View (POV) from different surveillance systems. Collaboration becomes increasingly difficult, wasting precious resources when first responders can least afford it

The Visual Emergency Solution can solve many of these critical requirements.


  • Integrated: Integrate multipoint conferencing, video recording, and surveillance video for a seamless picture of the incident scene. You can also easily transmit over IP or dedicated network
  • Unified management: Incorporate video communication applications to effectively manage and schedule video resources
  • Video management: Coordinate video management, tracking, and recording of combined video conferencing and surveillance feeds. Helpful visual emergency command applications are in line with the best emergency service models
  • Collaborative: Get unmatched, intuitive, and accurate information for a true on-scene command feel and increase collaboration across the response
  • Flexible: Use the solution for almost any response organization:
    • Government
    • Public safety
    • Transportation
    • Railway
    • Energy

Get the right tools for a tough job. Contact a Network Solutions Provider Customer Advocate for the full picture.

Get big benefits with Optimized ICT solutions from Network Solutions Provider

Diverse access

IP, PSTN, satellite, and microwave connection types

Digital Convergence

Seamless integration of video conference, surveillance, mobile access, and eLTE trunking for unified resources management and dispatch

Powerful management

Emergency preplan management and dispatch of audiovisual information with one tap

Comprehensive Presentation

Display of data and video on large-screen, telepresence, and mobile endpoints to accelerate decision making

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