Utilize AI to grow your eCommerce business

Utilize AI to grow your eCommerce business

eCommerce is enjoying a period of unprecedented growth, and its continued development shows no signs of stopping, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) technology. As eCommerce business owners increasingly embrace AI capabilities in 2023 and beyond, they’re going to need to learn more about how AI can benefit their bottom line.

Personalized recommendations

By leveraging the power of machine learning (ML), eCommerce companies can get to know their customers better than before. ML provides insights about customer habits and interests based on their activities on a business’s website, as well as on other websites, enabling businesses to gain an unprecedented level of understanding about what makes each customer tick.

When properly configured, ML can be used to customize the online shopping experience and analyze the shopping behaviors of individual users. This allows e-tailers to provide tailored product recommendations, pairings, and promotions catered to each customer's needs, resulting in a more enjoyable journey for customers and an increase in profits for business owners.

Voice and image search capabilities

Many eCommerce stores are now using voice and image search tools to make shopping easier, faster, and more convenient for consumers. This innovative development expands online searching capabilities beyond simple text input searches while making the retail experience — even on a mobile device — a breeze.

To do a voice search, customers can simply click on or tap the microphone icon on an eCommerce site. Websites with AI voice recognition and natural language processing functionalities will identify what the user said and display all products relevant to their search query.

On the other hand, to initiate a visual search, all a user has to do is upload a photo of the product they are looking for or one that looks similar to it. AI will then make suggestions based on the data from the uploaded image.

Enhanced inventory and warehouse management

AI-powered demand forecasting solutions help e-tailers keep better track of their inventory. These tools analyze sales trends and consumer behavior to anticipate changes or disruptions in supply levels. This, in turn, helps businesses ensure they don't run out of items they need, nor overestimate their supplies on hand.

Many eCommerce companies are also deploying AI robots in their warehouses. These handy machines can be programmed to expedite delivery processes, from product retrieval when an is placed to when the dispatch is complete. Thanks to these robotic helpers, a customer's purchase arrives on time every time.

Improved customer service

Through AI chatbots, eCommerce businesses can provide customers with a more responsive and convenient customer experience. This technology empowers agents to tackle complex questions more efficiently while allowing the bots to handle basic inquiries like order status or product availability. This helps streamline service operations without sacrificing service quality.

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