The Optimized Wireless Business

For those who want to work everywhere

Thanks to developments in mobile devices and cloud technology, the days of employees being chained to their desk for more than eight hours a day are over. The devices that one can use to stay in touch with family can now be used to facilitate conference calls or collaborate with colleagues.

If you want to maintain your competitive edge, you must be able to support the new generation of mobile workers. Network Solutions Provider’s Optimized Wireless Business program offers high-quality equipment, apps, and support for businesses looking to implement remote work and “bring your own device” policies.

Our Optimized Wireless Business program empowers your employees and drives productivity and profitability.

NSP’s Optimized Wireless Business program guarantees:

  • Planning that optimizes wireless coverage based on expected bandwidth usage
  • High levels of network reliability with remote network management and centralized support
  • Multiple authentication options for accessing WLAN and/or public hotspots
  • Public and private 802.11 services using a single device with security measures put in place to keep traffic segregated
  • WPA key rotation for increased security and industry compliance
  • Proactive monitoring of mobile device and routers to increase availability
  • Rogue wireless detection capabilities to promote PCI and HIPAA compliance
  • Content filtering to remove objectionable content from public hotspots

What are the benefits of The Optimized Wireless Business?

  • Healthcare - provide secure access to medical images, electronic medical records, and remote medical systems from a mobile device within a clinic, care center, or other healthcare facility
  • Retail and Hospitality - enable private wireless access from any wireless device -- including handheld point-of-sale terminals -- to all of your LAN and WAN resources; get a competitive edge by providing a public WiFi hotspot service to your customers
  • Education - enable student access to mobile learning resources, teacher and staff access to administrative systems and communications tools, and a wireless LAN alternative to wired network access
  • Professional Services - provide robust security, guest access, and control over users, devices and applications