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Find value in the cloud from an interconnected infrastructure.

Custom fit cloud to drive business innovation.

We can help Realize the potential of the optimized business cloud The optimized business cloud is the connective tissue that will smartly connect all the capabilities required to Help your business grow.

Technology Managed Cloud Service

Network Solutions Provider’s vision of the next iteration of cloud—the Optimized Business Cloud—is an open, scalable and integrated approach to managing the cloud landscape from a single point, smartly connecting intelligent infrastructure, data, applications and business processes. It will enable businesses to deliver “everything as a service,” consume their core business services on demand and respond and innovate faster, at unprecedented scale.

Ensuring Extreme Performance in the Cloud

Network Solutions Provider Technology Managed Cloud Service accelerates time to deployment and provide faster access to innovation with a set of end-to-end management services for engineered systems and technologies


  • Delivers and manages technology and applications in the cloud
  • Uses standard configurations, including ITL-based compliant processes
  • Includes architecture design, monitoring, change management, security, and more
  • Provides hosting and management for the Technology Platform
  • Offers hosting and management for Oracle Engineered Systems


  • Accelerates time to deployment
  • Increases availability and system performance
  • Reduces business risk
  • Provides faster access to innovation and a greater return on investment
  • Offers Oracle experts with over twelve years experience serving million of end users

Let's take a look at some of the benefits:

  • Mobility
    With our business apps you can share and access your files virtually anywhere, anytime and on any device, so you and your business can get more done no matter where you are.
  • Cost Effective
    With Network Solutions Provider business apps, there's no software to buy and no upgrades to maintain. Network Solutions Provider actively updates all of your business apps for you, so you can relax and forget about them.
  • Security
    Since Network Solutions Provider owns the data centers that house the cloud — and the networks used to access your apps — we can help ensure high-performance, end-to-end security, keeping your data safe from attack.
  • Productivity
    You'll get more done and boost your business with the ability to share, edit and collaborate on multiple files with multiple people, all in real time.
  • Scalability
    When your business needs change, our pricing is flexible enough to handle it. Network Solutions provider offers simple per-user pricing, allowing you to add and remove users with ease.
  • Support
    With Network Solutions Provider, you'll get around-the-clock, 24/7 tech support on all our business apps, helping you remain relevant and stay ahead.

Security & Compliance

Does thinking about HIPAA, FINRA, ransomware or disgruntled employees keep you up at night? Relax,Network Solutions Provider has your back. We focus on Security and regulatory compliance day and night; it’s ingrained in our DNA. All Cloud products are offered with industry specific; market-leading security right from the start. Network Solutions provider’s Cloud IT addresses ransomware, viruses, malware, endpoints, BYOD, and much more.

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Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Vulnerability Assessments
Real-Time Log Flow Analysis
Log Manager This tool collects Windows event log,
Web Application Security

Data Storage

Struggling to scale and secure your Data? Are your data costs spiraling out of control? We can solve that. Stop overpaying for Data storage and security; everyone knows costs are falling, why aren’t prices? On-premises and traditional data storage models make it too complicated and expensive to get scalability, reliability and performance all at the same time. Network Solutions Provider has the fastest, most efficient Cloud and Data Infrastructure in the market today and we make it easy for every business. Pay only for what you need, scale your business without worry.

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DBA Levels of Service

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Are you worried about what you would do if disaster strikes; can your business afford to go down? The Optimized Cloud IT has a plan that can Disaster Proof your business, so you can stop worrying. With Network Solutions Provider, your data is replicated in real time across georedundant data centers over a dedicated fiber optic ring. If the unthinkable happens, Network Solutions Provider’s high-availability virtual servers automatically live-migrate your business to avoid service disruptions.

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Hot Site DR
Warm Site DR
Cold Site DR
Replication Support
Backup Support

Cloud Workstations (DaaS/VDI)

Desktops, Laptops and Mobile Devices causing security and management nightmares? Tired of the never-ending desktop refresh cycle? Let Network Solutions Provider end your End Point computing pain and upgrade your End User experience forever. Protect your business from malicious, intentional and unintentional end user threats today. For one “all in” monthly subscription, you’ll never buy, update, support, maintain or manage another desktop or laptop again and you can get off that desktop refresh CAPEX train for good.

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Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite
Managed Optimized Cloud Sessions
Managed Cloud Infrastructure Services
Optimized Cloud Sessions
Email Continuity, Hygiene, and Threat Protection

App Management, Data Bases & Cloud Infrastructure

The Optimized Cloud architecture allows for fast access. Options include a fully managed infrastructure or unmanaged resources. The Optimized deploys, manages, monitors and patches server operating systems and dynamically allocates the resources you need when you need them. Network Solutions Provider takes all of the guesswork out of front end applications for end users and any backend applications, storage and databases to ensure your systems stay current, fully maintained and always on.

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Oracle on the cloud
Microsoft on the cloud
Quickbooks on the cloud
Netsuite on the cloud

Cloud IT – Total IT Management

Are you tired of managing IT or frustrated with ever-increasing IT costs for your business? At Network Solutions Provider, we know you feel like you have to run two businesses: a full IT business to get your team the tools they want and the security you need, and your core business which is what you really want to focus on every day. Network Solutions Provider Cloud IT can solve these problems and get you out of managing IT today. If you are ready to stop wasting time and money worrying about IT, contact a Customer advocates Team Member to get you back to building the business that matters to you.

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Cloud deployment models
Private cloud computing services
Cloud on boarding and migration services
Cloud managed services

Cloud industry solutions

Easily adapt the cloud to your industry.

Competition is fierce. Innovation is imperative. We can help you solve your IT challenges and get back to reaching new customers and driving results. With our cloud computing services, you can tailor solutions to match your business goals, application needs and security policies. And our teams have the industry expertise to implement the right mix of cloud services to help make you more productive, efficient and competitive.

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Public sector
Financial services
Media and entertainment

Grow where you want. Create what you need.

As your business takes off around the world, you have to keep that momentum going. Stay innovative and ready to launch your next big idea as you expand your business. We can help make it happen with an IT infrastructure that’s diverse, yet interconnected and flexible enough to handle capacity on demand. In our cloud-enabled data centers we can scale our cloud computing services quickly to help you serve customers virtually wherever they are. From cloud computing services to managed hosting and colocation, you can maintain your network infrastructure, apps and data in our highly secure data centers. Each data center includes carrier-neutral connectivity options, advanced physical security standards and sound cybersecurity defenses.

Our data center services can also help you:

  • Address security and data sovereignty compliance requirements.
  • Create secondary backup locations to support disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Run your business on one of the most reliable IP networks.

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data center locations
Colocation services
Managed hosting
Energy-efficient data centers

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