Cognitive Cloud Managed WiFi

Deploy and manage hassle-free and secure wireless access points

Every business requires a robust and reliable network connection to deliver products and services to clients. Our Cognitive Cloud Managed WiFi automatically analyzes your network when it discovers an issue, identifies the root cause, and fixes it. Its comprehensive analysis also gives our IT specialists a clearer understanding of how your network functions, allowing us to manage your WiFi accurately and efficiently.

We understand that installing and managing a business-ready internet connection can be tedious and difficult, especially if your office has more than one wireless access point (AP). Our cloud managed WiFi solution takes this responsibility away from you with seamless hardware and software updates that are delivered over the internet. You also get a centralized dashboard where you can view real-time network traffic and usage statistics for all your APs, thereby optimizing your network settings and improving office productivity.

Improve network speeds and reliability with NSP’s Cognitive Cloud Managed WiFi.

Why choose NSP’s Cognitive Cloud Managed WiFi?

  • Scalable - Add APs and connect them to the same network as required; one AP can serve more than 100 users
  • Comprehensive management - Our specialists design and install your network plan, and manages everything for you 24/7/365
  • Superior performance - Signal processing technology lets users enjoy a strong internet connection, complete with built-in security features to keep your network safe from cyberattacks
  • Intelligent - Our solution automatically analyzes your network when there’s an issue and solves it, pronto
  • Customizable - Our APs provides public network access for guests and private network access for employees
  • Network Solutions Provider and EMC
  • Network Solutions Provider and Microsoft
  • Network Solutions Provider and Cisco
  • Network Solutions Provider and IBM