The Optimized Workplace

Network Solutions Provider partners with customers to drive
The Optimized Workplace and thrive on changes

Network Solutions Provider Optimization

Market shifts and technology trends demand innovative thinking. We are taking steps to help
clients capitalize on trends and anticipate what’s ahead.


Providing new operating models for greater agility and accountability

  • Focus on infrastructure, business processes, and next-gen services
  • New client service model

Driving optimization

  • Standardize the approach to offerings’ lifecycle management
  • Develop and leverage new assets across a diverse client base

Scaling next-gen offerings for proven results

  • Grow cloud, cybersecurity, and big data and analytics services
  • Expand alliance partnerships to offer the latest technology options

Rationalizing portfolio for lower risk and faster impact

  • Create repeatable, best-in-class offerings that can be rapidly deployed

Optimizing delivery for cost-effective consistency

  • Drive efficiency and excellence across data centers and businesses
  • Optimize vendor/ supplier relationships to improve leverage and options

Network Solutions Provider

  • A client experience that delivers value and innovation
  • Better service, more active engagement
  • Reduced risk via proven, high-quality, repeatable, and
    scalable offerings
  • Increased efficiency from mature, consistent, and rapid delivery
  • Greater access to innovation

Delivering Profitability, Productivity, and Protection

Business value, business driver



  • Process efficiency that improves performance
  • Co-innovation with customers and employees
  • Improved innovation and creativity in the workforce
  • Speed to market with new ideas/products


  • Reduce reliance on legacy systems
  • Improved productivity of critical functions
  • Improved customer satisfaction and brand identity
  • Reduced administrative focus allows for more growth


  • Significant strengthening of the agency’s resiliency to threats
  • Avoidance of costs related to infection and recovery
  • Improvements in safely sharing information with employees and customers
  • Mitigate breaches and fully understand the threats you face
  • Around-the-clock management, monitoring, and response
  • Cyber Maturity Review

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