Optimize resources, save money, and go green

As your business grows, so does the demand for more servers. However, the servers you count on to keep your business running smoothly not only require vigilant management and maintenance, but also use up a lot of office space, energy, and money. With Server Virtualization from NSP, you can outsource the high cost and stress of managing multiple server in-house.

Instead of having physical assets -- servers, storage devices, software, etc. -- you get their virtual equivalents delivered directly to your business via the internet. This means you’ll be able dramatically reduce your power and cooling bill even if you’re running the most resource-intensive apps. To top it off, all the complex IT components will be managed by us, allowing you to say goodbye to frustrating server problems for good.

Our Virtualization solution is compatible with multiple hardware and software, and flexible to meet your needs.

Server Virtualization from NSP provides these benefits:

  • More space - pool together your resources to free up server rooms
  • Lower overheads - fewer servers and onsite management equals a better bottom line
  • Worry-free IT - our experts will proactively manage your systems so you never experience issues
  • Flexibility - any computer can run resource-intensive apps and multiple operating systems
  • Network Solutions Provider and IBM
  • Network Solutions Provider and Huawei
  • Network Solutions Provider and Microsoft
  • Network Solutions Provider and HP