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Why Network Solutions Provider Plus CA Technologies

With a broad portfolio of IT services, Network Solutions Provider and CA Technologies can help your organization improve business functionality by migrating to the cloud, developing a mobility strategy or integrating a virtualization solution. As businesses strive to lower costs and manage an influx of security threats, it becomes more difficult to keep up with the changing IT landscape. In conjunction with CA Technologies, we can assist you in overcoming the challenges of migration, training, and security to keep your business running smoothly.

No matter your needs, our software specialists can help you find the right solutions for your environment. Our portfolio of solutions ranges across security, DevOps, cloud management, virtualization and mainframe services, allowing you to work smarter and keep up with the latest innovation.

CA Technologies for Public Sector

Federal agencies, state and local governments and educational institutions face greater security challenges as they struggle to protect mission critical data. We step in to ensure that you receive greater value from your IT investment to manage the safety of your information and who is allowed to access it. Our experts can help you modernize your infrastructure while addressing key mandates and agency objectives.

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CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)


NSP and CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) equips enterprise IT organizations and service providers with capabilities for dramatically improving service quality and reducing the costs of IT service delivery. With the solution’s unified visibility, your organization can more proactively optimize service levels by preempting issues and minimizing outage duration. The solution helps you optimize operational efficiency—eliminating the complexity, cost and hassle of having to use and integrate multiple, disparate point monitoring tools spanning distributed, mainframe and cloud environments . By streamlining monitoring administration, NSP CA UIM helps teams better respond to expanding and evolving demands, support more agile development approaches and get new applications to market faster

Solution Summary

CA UIM equips enterprise IT organizations and service providers with capabilities for dramatically improving service quality, reducing the costs of IT service delivery and increasing operational agility CA UIM equips enterprise IT organizations and service providers with capabilities for dramatically improving service quality, reducing the costs of IT service delivery and increasing operational agility

  • Unified analytics speed issue resolution: Users can gain end-to-end visibility through unified views and workflows across all elements of their IT infrastructure
  • Streamlined, unified administration reduces cost & complexity of IT Monitoring - Helps you eliminate the cost and complexity of maintaining multiple tools through a single console and backend architecture. With its streamlined administration IT is able to support faster application deployments.
  • Scalable, Resilient Architecture ensures support for growth and efficiency - Unique bus based architecture offers powerful and robust features that enable the solution to support the larges enterprise IT and service provider organizations.

Business Drivers

  • Speed issue resolution. Provides actionable and comprehensive insight into service quality and performance, so IT can more proactively optimize end-user experience and avoid business disruptions.
  • Reduce cost and complexity. Eliminates the expense and effort associated with maintaining multiple monitoring tools.
  • Speed application innovation. Improve time to market by enabling IT teams to more effectively support agile operations and DevOps initiatives.
  • Adapt to evolving requirements faster. Supports more than 140 technologies out of the box and provides powerful API to meet custom needs

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The application economy is here and the opportunity is driving massive digital transformation in every industry around the world. Is your business ready to compete? Only Network Solutions provider and CA has the end-to-end portfolio of software solutions you need to plan, build, manage and secure your applications; so you can drive competitive advantage.

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